Gift Guide 2022

by Roberto Maroto on Nov 15, 2022

Gift Guide 2022

They say that Black Friday is a very good time to give a gift, but the truth is that the passion for watches is something very personal and very few people know how to get it right.

That's why at Guraga we believe that Black Friday and Christmas is the best time to give yourself a gift, no one better than you will know what you want.

And well, after all the work you've had to do, especially in Q4, which is intense for everyone, We think it's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and give your best watch a new touch.

Think of it as a recognition for all the things you have achieved and that maybe nobody has even congratulated you for. You know what they say, "If nobody congratulates you, do it yourself".

Also, in case you have been some time disconnected or waiting for this perfect occasion, I think these recommendations will be great for you.

Gifts for you, NATO lover

We know that if you're here it's because you love NATO, and honestly we do too, without a doubt, the core of our collections. That's why it should also be the first thing you should think about for a self gift, I don't need to tell you the infinite possibilities you have, but here are our recommendations:

Our Jewel in the Crown: Tiffany Blue Tubular NATO Strap

Tiffany NATO Tubular Blue

The top seller since we brought it out, very close to sold out, and probably by Black Friday it won't last, so, if I were you I would keep some in my cart and I would be punctual to the appointment, so I wouldn't miss it. You know that nowadays it's harder to get a Tiffany watch than a strap.

Our new, more premium NATO straps

In case you didn't know and you haven't visited us for a while, we've brought out new NATO straps that are a little fatter, more resistant, more comfortable, in short, of a higher quality (if that was possible). There are enough colours so that you can combine them with any of your watches.

Bond, a classic

If you still don't have this strap, we remind you so that you can have it. Who hasn't wanted to feel like Sean Connery in one of the mythical movies of the 007 saga. A must without a doubt for all NATO lovers, as they were propelled to fame thanks to this saga.

For moments of maximum elegance, Leather

Now that the holidays are approaching, it is the best time to show off the elegance of leather. To give your watch a unique touch with our handmade straps made from the hardest to find materials.

Leather will make your watch look special for a deserving occasion on Black Friday. These are our leather favourites.

A Vintage Black for Black Friday

There's no doubt that black is always the ultimate expression of elegance, it goes with everything and enhances the details of your watch. Our Black Shell Cordovan strap exceeds the expectations of the blackest Friday.

Our Tiffany Leather

Tiffany Leather Strap

Like our NATO version, we have very few of these left, we made restock, but most likely they will fly on Black Friday, one of the most desired and most requested by influencers in the world of watches. Add this trendy colour to your collection.

Keep your watches protected from dust and scratches

As a watch lover we know very well what you suffer if you see that a watch is turned over or if the dial is rubbing against a surface, it is certainly a horrible feeling and often happens without us noticing it.

Moreover, the damage is often irreparable and it is our duty to take proper care of our jewellery. This is our best selection for this.

Military Pouch for the more adventurous

Ideal for carrying and storing your NATO watch, this camouflage military pouch does the job perfectly, as well as having that military touch that we love for those of us who go diving, hiking in the mountains and have a more extreme lifestyle.

Brown Cube for the classics

The jewel in the crown deserves the best rest possible, nothing can give it a better rest than our cube. Made entirely by hand and with a bed in which your watch will rest safe from any external situation. It is also very useful to take with you when you travel.

The true self-indulgence, the best self gift you can give yourself

Our crown jewel, our 8 watch box, the best possible accessory for your watches. A box that every watch collector should have. I will say no more, simply a work of art.

<< Prepare my Cart >>

This year give yourself a present, others may gift you but nobody will get it right. You will.

The passion for watches is something incomprehensible that is carried deep inside and that very few people know about. It's a passion that is man's own, they can't understand it.

That's why we know that nothing will give you more satisfaction than this self gift, so this year you'll have something more than colognes, socks or pyjamas.

Allow yourself to indulge, that's what it's for.

If you don't want to miss out I suggest you to join our Private Sale to get yours 24 Hours before Public Sale 

Which one will you choose? Let us know.

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