The Best NATO Straps you can Encounter in the market

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Best NATO Straps

Are you a watch enthusiast and are you thinking about getting a NATO strap? You want to know how to combine your watch with a NATO? Then you're in the right place, this article will talk about the best NATO straps on the market.

But we will not only be satisfied with this, we will also take a deep look at what type of NATO strap is best depending on your watch.

Also, we will show you how to choose your best NATO strap following some criteria that make these straps objectively the best.

But well, before we go it's always good to remember and put in context so if you haven't yet decided to buy a NATO strap, believe me you will now. If you already wear NATO's maybe you'll enhance your collection after this article.

What is a NATO strap

If you are a deep lover of watches you will already know it but if you are just starting in this world or you still didn't know the potential of these straps here I leave you the definition, so that you have clear what a NATO strap is.

The NATO strap is a type of watch strap with a military origin made of nylon that unlike normal straps is a one-piece strap that is hooked inside the springbar making this strap more practical, resistant and durable.

They have also been growing in popularity today thanks to recreational use (James Bond catapulted them to success) as they are eye-catching, easy to change and there is a huge variety that allows you to wear them depending on the situation or style of the moment.

On the other hand, they are also ultra resistant and breathable making them a great choice for hot days.

Advantages of wearing a NATO strap

This military touch that NATO straps have, makes it a very versatile strap and its modernization makes it aesthetically more interesting and does not take away the elegance of a classic watch.

If you are still not convinced to have at least one NATO strap in your collection, here are the main advantages of NATO straps:

  • They are extremely durable: These straps will stand up to anything, and when I say anything I really mean they will stand up to anything you throw at them. Think of them as being born for war.
  • A pleasure in summer: They are much lighter and breathable so in summer they are an absolute plus for anyone, we know how annoying leather or metal straps are in summer.
  • Let's continue with their lightness: They weigh very little which means that you hardly feel anything on your wrist.
  • Obviously waterproof: Although all straps are theoretically waterproof, the reality is that a metal or leather strap will be affected if it gets wet, with a NATO strap it practically doesn't matter how many times you get it wet.
  • The great advantage, their security: They are made to be secure by design, if the strap breaks you will not run the risk of losing the watch at any time as this strap will hold on.
  • They are beautiful: There are multiple designs, with numerous patterns, numerous colours, perfect to match any watch for different occasions.
  • They are easy to change: In 30 seconds you have a different strap on, you can wear one for every day, one for every occasion.


What makes a NATO strap the best

You will see that in the market there are many types of NATO straps, certainly there are very cheap ones, in the end they are made of Nylon, but contrary to what it may seem, not all NATO straps are the same.

So as a piece of advice, it might be worth investing a little more in a more premium NATO strap, and these are the three things you should look for:

  • Weave: While all straps are made from Nylon, there are different variations in weave that can change the texture, how it looks and even add to the sense of detail, such as our tubular or double weave straps.
  • Thickness: This will depend on your taste, there are those that are thicker and thinner, logically the thicker they are the more they will look like a leather strap and also lose a little the sense of what a NATO strap is, that is why we bet for a good thin strap.
  • Hardware: These are the finishes, the metal that the strap has, here it is really important that it is made of stainless steel. So before you buy a NATO strap look at the hardware, lest you get a surprise.

NATO strap types

NATO straps are a world, so much so that within these same straps there are different types of strap, what distinguishes them is basically the type of material used and the finishes, here we leave you the types of strap that exist:

Best Seatbelt NATO Straps

These are the classic NATO straps, thinner, classic nylon with a stainless steel finish.

best nato straps seatbelt nato strap

<<Go To Seatbelt NATO Straps>>

Best Premium Tubular straps

These straps go a little further and are more resistant, as they are a little thicker and their fabric is more elaborate with a "tube" shape.

<<Go To Premium Tubular Straps>>

Best Double Weave straps

As the name suggests, these straps have a double thickness which makes it more resistant while still keeping the rest of the advantages of a double weave strap.

NATO DOuble Weave Strap

<<Go To Double Weave NATO Straps>>

Best straps with PVD buckle

To define these straps we are going to base them more on their finish, a PVD finish is made with a special sealing process, these finishes can last you a lifetime.

<<Shop Bond PVD Nato Strap>>

The best NATO watch straps depending on the watch

The great thing about NATO straps is their versatility, you have an infinite number at your disposal, so you probably don't know which is the most suitable strap for your watch, that's why we have made this guide so that depending on the watch you have you can use one or the other.

Best NATO straps for Rolex

Rolex and NATO are a great combination and one of the most used watch straps nowadays.

NATO straps will always tend to look better with sportier watches so we recommend that you use a NATO strap with an Explorer, a Yacht Master or a Datejust. Thanks to NATO you can create an endless collection of styles depending on your mood or occasion and you won't get bored of your watch.

Here are some combinations that are a must for your collection:

Vintage Bond NATO Strap

 A classic and special combination, it was worn by Sean Connery in 1964 with his Submariner. A combination that you must have in your collection.

<<Shop Vintage Bond PVD NATO Strap>>

Grey NATO Strap

If you have any doubts at any time about what to wear, grey goes with everything, a grey NATO strap always does its job and will make you look perfect at any time.

<<Shop Grey NATO Strap>>

Army Green NATO Strap

 If you are looking for a sportier touch and that stands out more you should definitely try this combination that joins your rolex with a classic strap used by the military.


<<Shop Army Green NATO Strap>>

Best NATO Omega

As with Rolex, NATO and Omega have a great connection, this combination is one of the most used and undoubtedly a classic. Here are some tips for you to make a perfect combination:

Bond NATO Strap

 As with the Vintage NATO Strap and Rolex, this Bond strap is literally made for Omega and has been featured in the James Bond films.

<<Shop Bond NATO Strap>>

Black NATO PVD Strap

Black is the symbol of elegance, we know that Omega are sports watches that maintain elegance at all times. That's why this black strap is a must in your collection.

<<Shop Black NATO PVD Strap>>

Tiffany Blue Tubular NATO Strap

 We know that it is more difficult nowadays to get a Tiffany watch than to buy a strap, that's why we think this is the perfect addition to your omega.

Tubular Tiffany Blue NATO Strap

<<Shop Tiffany Tubular NATO Strap>>

Bonus: Best NATO Rolex Rolex Pepsi Bezel

The Rolex GMT better known as "Pepsi" is another of the most used Rolex in the world and its combination with a NATO strap is undoubtedly brutal. We have decided to make a specific section for it due to the demand for NATO straps for this watch, here is our combination:

Navy Blue & Red NATO Strap

 This is undoubtedly the best combination in fact you could say that this strap was practically designed for this watch. It brings out the colours and gives it a unique touch.

<<Shop Navy Blue & Red NATO Strap>>

Khaki NATO Strap

 This more neutral combination makes the bezel stand out and without a doubt they combine perfectly. A combination that we encourage you to try.

<<Shop Khaki NATO Strap>>

The most comfortable NATO straps

Comfort is undoubtedly one of the synonyms of the NATO straps, but even so without any doubt there are some that are much more comfortable than others, as we have seen before this is because of its thcikness and the material used.

As we have seen before, this is due to their thickness and the material used. We have no doubt that the seatbelt classic NATO is the most comfortable strap on the market.

<<Go to Seatbelt NATO Straps>>

The most beautiful NATO straps

This is something very subjective, and undoubtedly a very complicated decision for any watch lover and it really breaks our hearts to have to make a selection of this kind but here it goes.

Black & Orange Stripe NATO Strap

One of the best sellers, a unique, elegant but eye catching strap, a must have for any NATO strap collection.

<<Shop Black & Orange NATO Strap>>

Navy Blue NATO Strap

This navy blue is a classic NATO strap and could not be missing in our review. It also matches with many diver watches. Don't be afraid to give it a try.

<<Shop Navy Blue NATO Strap>>

Navy Blue & Grey NATO Strap

We love this strap and it is perfect to add a little colour to almost any watch while maintaining its elegance because it is not so flashy, its colours are more neat.

<<Shop Navy Blue & Grey NATO Strap>>

An endless collection thanks to NATO straps

As you have seen, NATO straps are one of the best ways to increase your collection, not to get bored of your watch and to combine it in different ways depending on the moment or even your mood.

To conclude this review we would simply say that all straps are interesting and that the perfect collection has a little bit of each type, although if we had to choose one it would be the PVD straps and the Vintage Bond NATO Strap which was the one that made NATO straps popular.


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